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Updated: Dec 21, 2022

The PBX-STANDARD is PurBlend Science’s pure botanical extraction methodology. The PBX-STANDARD is a clear scientific differentiator between the products we manufacture and sell, and the rest of the industry.

PurBlend Science employs the PBX-STANDARD, a low-pressure/low-temperature extraction methodology, which produces the purest form of full spectrum oils, resins and terpenes for the hemp and cannabis industries.

In order to achieve a true full spectrum, it’s critical that you extract the entire terpene profile from the plant. Various terpenes have different polarities, and our extraction medium is a non-polar gas which means that we have no affinity towards one group or the other. Additionally, our extraction medium is hydrophobic, and resists all plant-matter in the water phase, allowing for extremely high selectivity of all hydrocarbons, leaving behind all unwanted components in the plant. As a result, we are able to capture the entire range of the plant’s true full spectrum.

See the graphic below that demonstrates solvent solubility of each of the popular cannabis extraction solvents in use today. Please note — this graphic shows how 'selective' a given solvent can be as it pertains to the ability to extract precise plant matter.

"The term 'full spectrum' on its own is widely used and very misunderstood. especially in how it’s being applied to consumer products. Therefore, we feel it’s pertinent to define what we believe 'full spectrum' is, and show you how it applies to our technology, and ultimately, our products," said PurBlend Science's Chief Technical Officer, Mark Vuozzo

Further, we also support our very own in-house brand, built upon the PBX-STANDARD and continue to grow our white label and affiliate networks also operating under the PBX-STANDARD. We invite you to taste (experience) the difference!

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