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  • 1000mg dry flower full spectrum hemp oil
  • 1200mg CBD + 100mg CBG
  • 50mg hemp-derived terpenes
  • Indica based strain effects
  • For nighttime use - help get a restful sleep
  • 30ml / 30 doses per bottle
  • Delivering 33mg of CBD/dose 
  • Pesticide-free, non-GMO
  • Fast absorption formula
  • Produced using a non‐destructive process
  • Unaltered terpene profile 
  • Our extracts are further refined in high quality Kosher Grade true MCT oil  
  • No nutty aftertaste
  • This product is manufactured in the USA by PurBlend Science, Inc in a licensed manufacturing facility.
  • Hemp grown and processed in California, Oregon, Illinois or Colorado, USA in accordance with state regulations.
  • This all‐natural blended oil is taken under the tongue for a recommended initial daily dosage of once a day. This product has the potential for reducing inflammation, muscle relief, improved sleep, antioxidant, antibacterial and many powerful homeopathic benefits for many types of ailments.

Nighttime Tincture Natural Hemp Oil Indica

    • 100% Hemp Terpene Flavored – earthy sweet tasting - true to strain 
    • ~3mg of Terpenes/dose – ~100mg /bottle 
    • Indica based strain effects 
    • 100% Natural Hemp Derived 
    • Our Nighttime Tincture is manufactured from the hemp strain Abacus- The Abacus cultivar is an OG and Purple Urkel hybrid. With floral purple and green nugs, the Abacus CBD hemp flower announces itself at once with its perfume-like aroma and leaves a lasting impression with its pungent gasoline‐like finish. A terpene‐rich high CBD hemp strain with gleaming, purple‐tinged buds, Abacus is a real champion. True Indica type characteristics.
    • All natural, no additives, pesticide-free, high-absorption formula, PBX full spectrum CBD resin provides maximum entourage effect from natural hemp derived terpenes. Our Resin is engineered by nature.  Achieved utilizing Low Pressure / Low Temperature Pure Botanical ExtractionTM processing, delivering the natural components of the original plant in a resin form.  PBX-StandardTM resin and oils contain a minimum of 7 naturally occurring terpenes typically in total levels above 2.5% with potentially up to 16 or more hemp-based terpenes present. Each 1ml dose of our tincture delivers 33mg of CBD, 1.2mg/g of ?9THC and total 3mg of lifter terpenes. Our products are third party tested for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Mycotoxins and Presence of Pesticides
    • Sold in 30ml (1oz) bottle containing a total of 1000mg of CBD. Graduated dropper - 30 doses/bottle 
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