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Hemp-Derived Terpenes supercharge retail cannabis products

The Pure Botanical Extraction technology offered by PurBlend Science produces superior extracts and preserves all plant active components in their natural proportions. The PBX STANDARD process provides a gentle extraction, which is conducted in a closed-loop system at room temperature without any harsh chemicals or rigorous post-processing requirements. Our natural extracts can be used for dabbing and vaping directly from our machinery with the correct dabbing and vaping hardware.

As a result of our extraction process, PurBlend Science is able to gently extract the plant's oil-based components without creating any undesired byproducts in the extract. The value to the customer or end-user is that they will truly enjoy a complete representation of the plant’s genetics that have been naturally preserved in a pristine oil extraction.

Hemp-Derived Terpenes as an Additive

When hemp terpenes are added to flowers or other extracts, it can create a new high level, and one can even experiment according to their own preferences and desired end-state. To improve the hemp and/or cannabis flowers or extracts, these products can be infused with natural hemp terpenes. Below are a few ways on how to successfully add terpenes to get the best results from your retail products.

Adding Terpenes to Ground Flower

Adding terpenes on ground flowers is as easy as adding a drop of chosen terpene isolate. The specific terpenes can be used for the hemp or cannabis flowers. This will improve the flavor of ground flowers and will bring about overall better results when using them.

Infusing Whole-Dried Flowers

Infusing whole dried flowers with terpenes is also simple. To achieve best results, divide the flower into small batches and place them into individual bags. Much like ground flowers, simply add a few drops of terpenes in each batch. Shake the bag well to make sure that all the flowers are well-infused, while also being mindful not to overdo it.

A good ratio to follow is putting two drops of PBX full spectrum terpenes per one gram of cannabis, or 0.2 mg of terpenes to the pipe bowl. To avoid overuse, we suggest that you use a calibrated dropper, and gauge your preference. Adding too many terpenes can also ruin the experience because it can overpower the flower itself.

Adding Hemp Terpenes to Cannabis Oils & Extract

When adding terpenes to oils, it will depend on the affects you are trying to achieve. A measurement of 2% for every 1:1 CBD:THC tincture is excellent for improving sleep, but you can always start low. You can also have 0.02 grams of terpenes per gram, and add it before the shatter dries fully.

To further help infuse terpenes into products successfully, remember these suggestions, depending on what has been used. For example, 1 to 5% of the total plant’s weight is a good measurement for concentrates. While you can use a concentrate specifically for the strain or profile, you can also use terpene isolates and match a profile to a strain.

Interested in inquiring about how PurBlend Science can supercharge your retail cannabis business? Contact us here.

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